“I am so glad I decided to have a cooking class with Claire. Even the most basic cooking is over my head, and she taught me how to make grilled salmon with roasted vegetable orzo in my own kitchen. I love that she comes to my house- something about someone teaching me to cook in my own kitchen made me more confident to do it on my own. She tailored her teaching to my needs (my many questions!) and gave very clear instructions. She even makes a step-by-step recipe with diagrams for when I’m doing the cooking by myself. This is one bit of self-care that I am really glad I invested in.” 

– Caite, 27, Bushwick

“Claire was such a joy to have over, it felt less like a cooking lesson and more like leisurely preparing dinner with a (much more knowledgeable than I am) friend. She was very patient, helpful and friendly, and by dinner time I was serving maybe the most delicious meal I’ve ever made to my very impressed partner, who usually does the cooking. I plan to keep the recipe and lesson in my back pocket for whenever I need or want to make something delicious, yet straightforward, for any number of people in the future.”

– Laura, 26, Prospect Park

“Cooking with Claire was such an enjoyable and educational experience! Before I had a lesson with Claire I had very basic cooking skills. I wanted to learn how to cook for years, but the concept of buying books and trying to follow recipes with no background was overwhelming. Claire walked me through everything: picking vegetables at the market, chopping lessons, tips and tricks with spices – it was so incredibly helpful! She also changed my perception on foods that I always thought I hated. Turns out I was just cooking them the wrong way for my particular tastes! Thanks to Claire, I feel more confident than ever taking on new cooking projects and adding new, healthy options to my daily routine. Claire is also very considerate and understanding of particular food aversions. She took into account my fiancé’s sensitive stomach and recommended a number of helpful options to expand his very limited diet. She really knows her stuff. I will absolutely be taking more lessons from her in the future- and you should too!”

– Heather, 31, Ridgewood