private lessons

Unlike cookbooks or shows, my teaching method for individuals and couples is very hands-on. We work side-by-side so I can demonstrate each step and then guide you carefully through it. Plus, I follow up each lesson with an illustrated PDF of your meal’s steps, so you can practice just as carefully at home!

Check out my list of tried-and true-basic meals and the techniques you’ll learn with each: Lesson Menus

Looking for something else? While personally an omnivore, I specialize in vegetable-focused meals, and am experienced in alternative diets and dietary restrictions. Contact me with more information and we’ll work together to find a lesson menu that’s right for you.


  • You select a menu to learn (or contact me to create your own).
  • You submit your details & availability.
  • I contact you to figure out scheduling & payment.
  • I come to your home with my rolly cart stocked with ALL ingredients and kitchen tools needed.
  • When I leave 1.5-2 hours of learning fun later, you have practiced a bunch of techniques PLUS have a full meal all ready for eating!
  • AND I leave you with a copy of the recipe with explicit directions for future use.