“All courses of the meal were delicious. Very flavorful and creative. Claire was very interactive with the guests. I would definitely attend another event of hers.”

– James M, Mt Airy

“Wonderful evening, delicious authentic 1776 dinner including a sublime main course of Venison with mace and juniper. ‘Ben Franklin’ joined the communal table for a very fun and friendly informative discussion. We came away with a great appreciation for the cuisine of that time, and a trove of interesting and amusing historical insights. Claire put on a great evening.”

– Joanna K, Villanova

“Beautifully curated art and food pairings. I was impressed!”

– Evi N, West Philly

“Claire was amazing! The food was incredible, and the activity itself was a change of pace. My boyfriend and I enjoyed meeting new folks from Philly, and connecting over the shared interest of love for food. Overall, this was the perfect way to spend an evening. Can’t wait for other events!”

– Khyrstyna O, South Philly 

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